Are YOU an Improv Maniac? Do you know SOMEONE who is? Do You and a Friend want to impress a world wide audience by winning the Crouse’s Cleaners Battle of the GPLT Improv Stars Cup?
Then YOU and your FRIEND need to enter GPLT’s new BATTLE OF THE IMPROV MANIACS. It goes this Thursday April 15 @ 7 pm for one hilarious hour(plus time for laughter)!
Teams of 2 will improvise sketches based on descriptions given by our ZANY HOST. There will be between 3 and 5 rounds of hilarious sketches depending on time. Each team member must be 18 years old or older.
The first 8 teams to register by emailing will have a chance to win something you can brag about for decades!
Other prizes will go to other contestants.
The judging will be done fairly and in secret by people who know what it is to be Zany but who are able to vote remotely. There are no appeals or complaining about anything – this is a fun event only! This is not a serious competition (unless you have a competitive personality, then this will be the most important night of your life!)

Audience can watch on GPLT Facebook or on Grande Prairie Live Theatre YouTube channel. Audience can enter to win door prizes by emailing

WARNING: Extreme gales of laughter and possible Adult Themes!