Auditions September 14 @ 6-9 pm for A Christmas Concert

AHS requires that everyone attending the audition wear masks at all times except when on stage for their audition.

A Christmas Concert is a special Holiday Treat from the Volunteers of Grande Prairie Live Theatre. We are looking for singers who LOVE CHRISTMAS and want to sing some amazing Christmas Songs. Auditions will be held at Grande Prairie Live Theatre on September 14, 2021 from 6PM-9:30PM. Please contact the box office to select your time!
What to prepare:
Auditions are calling for actors that are ages 16+. The instrumental and vocal arrangements of all songs will be available on the WeTransfer site, however, you will be singing with the instrumental version only (no substitutions). Pick any song from the show that you would like. Here are the Audition/Show Songs:

A Christmas Concert Songs for the Audition

Call or text Candace to have your transfer completed | 780.512.3869
Contact Rick if you have any questions or concerns | or 780.814.3107

A Christmas Concert runs for 6 family oriented performances from December 16 to 19, 2021. For more performance details see the listing under the Performances tab.

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Notice of Annual General Meeting 2 pm Sunday September 12, 2021 WITH PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE GPLT BYLAWS

AHS requires that everyone attending the AGM wear masks at all times.

GPLT members can register in advance by contacting the GPLT Box office to attend the GPLT AGM virtually through a Zoom link. GPLT members with the approved Zoom link will be able to vote anonymously. Guests or interested members of the public who are not members are still welcome to attend in person but will not be able to get the Zoom link. The GPLT Annual General Meeting starts at 2 pm on Sunday September 12, 2021. Masks will be available.

Notice of special resolution that will be presented at the AGM to update the GPLT Bylaws. Here are the proposed new bylaws:

2021 GPLT Bylaws to be presented to the AGM for approval

Here are an explanation of the proposed changes:

4-2021 Explanation of Proposed Changes to the GPLT Bylaws

GPLT Bylaws registered 2005

The special resolution is needed to clarify virtual voting and attendance requirements, to clarify memberships, to update Board responsibilities and positions and to update the Bylaws given changes in the Societies Act of Alberta.
Notice of the Grande Prairie Live Theatre Annual General Meeting 2 pm September 12, 2021 at GPLT, 10130-98 Avenue Grande Prairie Alberta. Election of Vice President, Secretary, Youth Board Member, and 2 Members at Large for 2 years terms. Nominations are open to any GPLT Member. For more information on the AGM and the nomination/election process contact Manager Wayne Ayling at
Descriptions of the Board Member Duties:
Every Board Member is expected to attend 11 Board meetings and participate in Board initiatives. Preparing for meetings by reading documents sent out in advance of each meeting. Contributing new ideas to move GPLT forward.
Vice President: A 3 year commitment. Proposed changes would have the new Vice President automatically becoming the President Elect and President in the following years.
Secretary: A 2 year commitment. Focus on GPLT Meeting and other records. Focus on contributing to Board initiatives and providing new ideas.
Member at Large: A 2 year commitment. Focus on contributing to Board initiatives and providing new ideas.
Youth Board Member: Must be 16-20. A 1 year commitment. Focus on contributing to Board initiatives and providing new ideas.

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Thank you to our sponsors, funders, volunteers and patrons.