Comedy Murder Mystery Auditions June 11@2:15-4, June 12@7-9

Habit of Murder is a comedy murder mystery

Auditions June 11- 2:15-4 pm at GPLT

Auditions June 12 – 7-9 pm at GPLT

3 Ladies age range 18-65

3 Men age range 40-65

Call the GPLT Box Office to book your 15 minute audition slot

Be prepared to do a cold read and be creative

Perusal copies of the script are available at the GPLT Box Office for a $5 refundable deposit

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Thriller Auditions June 10@1-4,11@11-3,12@6-9 “Butcher”

Butcher is a thriller with adult content.

Auditions – June 10, 1-4 pm – at GPLT

Auditions – June 11, 11-3 om – at GPLT

Auditions – June 12, 6-9 pm – at GPLT

Call the GPLT Box Office to book your 20 minute audition time.

Pick up a perusal copy of the script for a $5 refundable deposit

List of Characters and suggested ages –

  • Josef Džibrilovo, 70s
  • Hamilton Barnes, 30s
  • Inspector Lamb, 40s
  • Elena, mid-30s

Be prepared to read from these pages of the script (also available at GPLT at no charge):

  • Josef – sides: pg 21 “Marko?” through pg 23 “Ma daj mi pomacˇi stekuti cˇizle…”
  • Hamilton – sides: pg 46 “I’m sorry. It doesn’t look like him.” through pg 48 “Spoken as a lawyer, actually.”
  • Lamb – sides: pg 27 “That was a pretty good santa.” through pg 28 “The accent. You can tell.”
  • Elena – sides: pg 43 “I thought you were a / lawyer.” through pg 45 “Wouldn’t want to jump to any conclusions.”

The part of the young Girl(12) will not be part of this round of auditions and will be cast at a later date

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Auditions May 28 @ 6-9pm and May 31 @6-9 pm 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Auditions – May 28- 6-9 pm at GPLT

Auditions – May 31 – 6-9 pm at GPLT

This Musical does not have any roles for actors under 18 years.

Be prepared to sing a song from a musical of your choice(bring your own accompaniment- like on your phone), do a 1 to 3 minute monologue, do a cold read and have FUN!

Call the GPLT Box Office to book  your 15 minute time slot- You are WELCOME to audition even if you have not prebooked a time – come to GPLT during the audition hours and we will fit you in.

Perusal copies of the script are available from the GPLT Box Office for a $5 refundable deposit.

Cast are all adults of various ages; All singing roles; 5-8 women; 5-9 men.

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