Auditions Sunday September 16 – 2:00 to 3:00 (ish)

All interested actors/actresses to show up at 2:00 pm. We will grab a couple of scenes from the play and will be going through them switching out people as we go.
It will be a open audition and it is meant to be a fun, collaborative and supportive. Come and show us what you’ve got.

Casting 4m, 3f

BEN ADAMS – age 21-30; a real estate salesman employed by Mr. Broadbent; young, naive, likable, always confused and in trouble, but honest and sincere
MR. BROADBENT – age 50-70; very much a self-made man; blunt, rough around the edges
CASEY CODY – age 20-30; Mr. Broadbent’s secretary; competent, resourceful, and quick thinking, with a wonderful sense of humor
SUE JOHNSON – age 20-25; a recent graduate of the local culinary institute; a walking, breathing, living disaster area; loveable, laughable, and endearing
MR. COTT – age 40+; the central character in the play, and he, of course is Nanny; down to earth, gruff, but very, very funny
GLADYS MCNICOLL (age 40+) – the prospective buyer of the house of the future; totally dominates her husband, and indeed all those around her; loud, aggressive, and overbearing
FRED MCNICOLL – age 40+; the hen-pecked husband of Gladys until he turns the table on Gladys at the very end of the play; Meek, mild, and good-natured,
WALTER BROOKS – age 40+; a surprise visitor; develops an almost insane infatuation for Nanny, and will not be discouraged; single minded and not very likable

A perusal script is available from the GPLT Box Office for a $5 refundable deposit. Return the script to get your deposit back.