Matt Patershuk, Cater Felker & Emily Triggs (AB) are coming back! Their 2023 concert had to be cancelled due to the out of control fires between Grande Prairie and Edmonton. -

Matt Patershuk is a singer and songwriter first. He values simplicity, but also loves to incorporate the small details that bring a story to life, and make it relatable. Though his songs aren’t devoid of metaphor, you’ll not be left guessing about what the song is about when you’re done listening.
Carter Felker was born and raised in the Prairies. Using his own experience and keen eye on the human condition to write his songs, stories of hometown lore, love lost and bitter relationships steeped with a deep sense of humor are Felker’s modus operandi. Like the hammer and the nail, the tongue and groove or the wheel and its roll – the stringent and punchy use of words alongside outstanding fingerpicking are as effective as they are memorable.
Emily Triggs is a bred-in-the-bones roots musician. In her debut album When Guinevere Went Under, the guitarist, singer-songwriter takes you on a journey through influences and experiences that have shaped her folk/roots sound.
“I’m pushing the boundaries of what I consider folk – and bringing in influences I’ve had over the years,” she says. Those influences span the Deep South with the likes of Lead Belly, through Texas blues, strains from the Appalachian Mountains to her early years in French Canada.