Chills up and down your spine! Thrills of a dramatic kind! Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott runs from March 9 to 25 for only 9 performances. Tickets at or call 780 538 1616.

Susy Hendrix is a recently blinded housewife who unwittingly possesses a doll filled with illicit drugs. Enter Harry Roat, a brutal and sophisticated criminal, with his henchmen. Harry will stop at nothing to retrieve his drugs.  Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service Inc., New York.

March Concerts –

March 12 – Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers,

A charismatic charmer and smasher of pianos. A madman and an earnest poet. A strummer of delicate chords and a lover bent and broken melodies. Ben Caplan is not any one thing. As he releases his second album, he’s already gained a following in more than a dozen countries from Australia to Europe and across North America. Its no surprise. Caplan is simply unforgettable; with his huge beard and unruly mane, he is as visually striking as he is aurally compelling. His rough and textured tones cut through crowded halls; an enormous voice, roaring louder than raucous crowds.

March 31 – Pharis and Jason Romero,

Coming from a thousand miles and a border apart, Pharis and Jason Romero met in 2007 at an old-time fiddle jam. Both had been playing music for decades – Pharis her whole life – and both were drawn to early country, old time, blues, and bluegrass.

Pharis & Jason’s releases continue to attract audiences and radio play globally. Their delight in making music for music’s sake no doubt contributes to the joyful lack of pretense in their albums and performances and to the rapidly-growing fan-base for both.