The Show Must Go On… Line…

When theaters closed, Grande Prairie Live Theatre actors adapted a Shakespeare comedy to Zoom, so people can enjoy it from the safety of their homes. They decided a virus won’t stop our community from reaching out to each other.

Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing, was about to open at Grande Prairie Live Theater, when COVID-19 restrictions hit. Thinking it might only be postponed, the actors occasionally practiced on Zoom to stay fresh. But then – they found that the contrast of Shakespearean language, to the technology, was really interesting. So they decided to adapt the play to the technology.

They cut the play to 10 small scenes, turning it into a distancing, video-conference, office romance. And they’re posting an episode a day on YouTube, for everyone to enjoy.
“When this comedy was originally staged, Shakespeare’s actors had to adapt to the bubonic plague,” said one of the actors, Derek Hall, “so we’re carrying on the tradition, to find a way people can enjoy the same show, in our own stressful times.”
“Unfortunately, we all have to deal with more and more video conferencing. And it’s the same-old work meetings, and family chit-chat,” said Derek, “But to hear classical poetic language, over the same technology – the contrast is really interesting!”
“Ben & Bea: A Distancing Office Romance”, is available on YouTube, with a new episode to be released every day. On YouTube, search ‘Ben and Bea Romance’.
Or use this link:

Many thanks to and Featuring: Davin Campbell, Derek Hall, Rogan Hall, Esther Koepnick, Michael Litchfield, Lisa Loveless, Amy Retzlaff, Mara Schoorlemmer, Rory Tarant
Scenes from Shakespeare’s comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, adapted by Derek Hall and Amy Retzlaff