The Board of Directors

The volunteer Board of Directors of Grande Prairie Live Theatre is dedicated to providing the best possible theatre, film, and concert experience for our patrons, our volunteers, our funders  and our sponsors. Thanks to the input from many, we are leading GPLT through a time of positive transformation and growth. Thank you to our volunteers and staff who spend thousands of hours each year to make it all happen – as if by Magic!

Our 54th season is designed to make you laugh, to make you think, and to make your life richer through the experience of live theatre, concerts, festivals and our prestigious Reel Shorts Film Festival. We hope you enjoy your GPLT experience! Come back and bring your friends. Remember – At GPLT, we like it LIVE!

2016-17 GPLT Board of Directors: President Abby Webb , Vice President Caitlin Card, Treasurer Doug Friessen, Secretary Adrian Tanasichuk, Past President Debbie Haiworonsky, Youth Member – Haley Raddatz, Members at Large – Debbie Ducharme, Devon Potter, Brenda Kuntsi, and Desiree Klause.

Thank you to our sponsors, funders, volunteers and patrons.