The Hillcrest Christian School Jr. & Sr. High Drama Program presents:

The Reluctant Dragon by C. Edward Wheaton

“The Village of Hampton is in a panic after a dragon is discovered in a cave nearby. Since no villager is courageous enough to slay this “ferocious” beast, the villagers send for a knight. Curious to see the dragon for herself, the young Esmeralda meets the dragon face to face and discovers that this dragon doesn’t like to pillage, rampage, or fight knights, but is a “live and let live” kind of dragon who likes to write poetry. Since the dragon doesn’t know how to fight and isn’t even sure if he can belch fire, Esmeralda arranges for the knight to meet the dragon and the three come up with a clever plan to ensure everyone lives…mostly happily ever after.”

The 45-minute production is based on the book by Kenneth Grahame and produced by special arrangement with Big Dog Publishing Co.

Tickets: online or contact the Grande Prairie Live Theatre Box Office: (780)538-1616