This is not an April Fool’s Joke!
Enter to win PRIZES and RULE the STORY SLAM WORLD!
Watch to win PRIZES!
GPLT is ALIVE and going online with a tasty smorgasbord of weekly entertainment!
Every Thursday @ 7 pm starting April 1, join us for our Virtual Variety Nights! Something different every week.
First up on April 1 is STORY SLAM hosted by GPLT Board Member Alyssa Hudson. This April Fool’s Day, the theme is Practical Jokes. To enter please email
What is STORY SLAM? It is a storytelling contest where up to 10 storytellers have a chance to impress you with an original story and win prizes including the prestigious STORY SLAMMER of the NIGHT AWARD!
Story Telling Participants can enter on a first come first serve basis until the slots are full. Stories will be a maximum of 5 minutes. You will be telling your story from a device of your choice. Stories can be from your life or from your imagination. You can tell it off the cuff, read from a script, or memorize it. There are no props, no published works, and no censorship. Five judges will be chosen at random from the audience. Judges will score stories between 1 and 10. The top and bottom scores will be taken away, and the middle 3 scores will be added up. Highest score wins!

AUDIENCE WANTED!! If you don’t have a story to tell this month, but want to hear stories from all around Peace Country, get the STORY SLAM link by emailing or send a private message to the Grande Prairie Live Theatre Facebook page.
As a special treat for our first month of Covid-friendly virtual events, Virtual Variety Night is free for April! (Though GPLT welcomes your donations to help keep live theatre going!)
Future Virtual Variety Nights include: Singer/Songwriters, Theatre Sports Improv, New Plays, and a Youth programmed event.