Story Slam 2 continues the fun created by Story Slam 1. This week’s theme is “VICTORY”.
Enter before noon on May 6 by emailing or by calling the GPLT Box Office at 780 538 1616.

What is STORY SLAM? It is a storytelling contest where up to 10 storytellers have a chance to impress you with an original story and win prizes including the prestigious STORY SLAMMER of the NIGHT AWARD!
Story Telling Participants can enter on a first come first serve basis until the slots are full. Stories will be a maximum of 5 minutes. You will be telling your story from a device of your choice. Stories can be from your life or from your imagination. You can tell it off the cuff, read from a script, or memorize it. There are no props, no published works, and no censorship. Three judges will score stories between 1 and 10. The scores will be added up. Highest score wins!

AUDIENCE WANTED!! Join in the fun for free at the Grande Prairie Live Theatre YouTube Channel and Facebook page.
AUDIENCE CONTEST: Enter the door prize draw by emailing before 3 pm on May 6.