“You are cordially invited to our beachfront destination wedding! Come enjoy the sand and sun while we whisk you away to the Lover’s Landing Beach Hotel. This laugh out loud comedy will have you forgetting the frigid snow-covered wasteland you walked in from, at least until after the show. Don’t forget to pack your sandals!”

Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses, A Comedy
By Michael Parker & Susan Parker,
Directors: Jessica Moutray and John Moutray

The Lover’s Landing Beach Hotel is a destination wedding hotel on an ocean somewhere HOT, HOT, HOT. The hotel, which has become a popular wedding destination, has been promoted over the years as “The home of sandy toes and salty kisses” and, as a result, seems to have acquired some kind of mystique. This mystique attracts an interesting clientele. All chasing or looking for Love. Or, are they? Throughout the play, one question remains unanswered. Is it true love or is it the mystique of sandy toes and salty kisses at the Lovers’ Landing Beach Hotel?

9 performances at GPLT from November 30 to December 16. Optional Special Holiday Season Dinner before every performance. Call 780 538 1616 or email the GPLT Box Office: directly to make a dinner reservation. All dinners must be booked in advance. Dinners are served at 6 pm.