Rising Star Summer Drama Camps are EXCITING! FUN! THRILLING! Learn Live Theatre skills. Put on a play for your friends and family. Meet other creative youth. Have a BLAST!

To Register: call the GPLT Box Office at 780 538 1616 or download the registration form and email to

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Registration Form Summer Camp 2019

Check out these amazing 2019 Rising Star Summer Themes

The Not-So-Super Heroes
July 2-5 (4 days) | Ages 7-10; $218
It’s late, you’re watching TV and suddenly there’s a commercial that sells you everything you need to be a Super Hero! If anyone can do it, what do the Super Heroes do?

Space-Lock Holmes
July 8-12 | Ages 11-14; $270
When space is being terrorized by crime, who do you call? None other than Space-Lock Holmes and his handy sidekick –

I am Not a Teapot
July 15-19 | Ages 7-10; $270
Welcome to our tea party! Don’t relax too much, however, our tea pot appears to be missing which means we have no tea! Help!

Step Up: The Final Step Down
July 22-26 | Ages 11-14; $270
In one final show, after all of the dancers have disappeared, we are left with a rag tag group of kids who are doing their best attempts at popular dances like: The Macarena, the YMCA, the Floss.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Time Machine
July 29 – August 2 | Ages 7-10; $270

We’ve finally discovered a time machine! Problem is: it’s kind of broken and we can’t seem to control what time era we wind up in. One minute we are with dinosaurs, the next we are hanging out with our parents when they were cool teenagers.

No Lines: Improv
August 6-9 (4 days) | Ages 11-14; $218
Students focus on their improv skills in this week! Set up like a classic improv show, students will showcase their comic skills with classic improv games.

You’ve Got an (Old) Friend in Me
August 12-16 | Ages 7-10; $270
There’s nothing like meeting a new friend, but make sure you don’t forget about your old friends too! A mashup up of new and old music for all ages. MUSICAL WEEK!

You’ll Never Guess When the Beat Drops!
August 19-23 | Ages 11-14; $270
A news room in 2019 – trying to write newsworthy click bait articles but everything keeps coming out in song! Contemporary music that explains words that you aren’t really sure are words! MUSICAL WEEK!