Matt Patershuk “If Wishes Were Horses” Concert Friday November 22, 2019
At Grande Prairie Live Theatre

Somewhere out past where the highway ends, far from the creative meccas of Montreal, Toronto andVancouver, one of Canada’s best-kept musical secrets has been perfecting his craft. For more than adecade now, Matt Patershuk – when he’s not building bridges or chasing his family’s ever-growing herd ofhorses, sheep and goats around his land – has been writing and performing some of the most beautiful,endearing and true music ever created in this country. A master songwriter, it’s in the intersectionbetween lyrics and melody that Matt Patershuk’s musical magic finds its truest expression. As someonewho believes that less is often best, Matt communicates a lot more soul and range of emotions in asingle verse than other artists can in a whole song.His newest album, If Wishes Were Horses, on the Black Hen Music label, communicates the huge stridesMatt has made as an artist since the release of ‘Same As I Have Ever Been,’ his last release from 2017and represents his fourth collaboration with the award winning string player and producer, SteveDawson.“The latest album from Matt Patershuk should see his reputation cemented as not only one ofCanada’s finest roots performers but also among the best,period. It is a high point of his career to dateand a superb album to boot.” – Lonesome Highway