Constellate Films is looking for volunteers to view an early rough cut of a new film to provide feedback to the creative team before the final cut is made.
This is a private screening open to anyone who will volunteer to watch the entire cut and provide the requested written feedback. There is no monetary or other compensation to volunteers. Seating is limited to 100 people in the theatre.
This cut is rated 18+ as it has disturbing imagery. No minors are allowed into the KMSC Performing Arts Theatre.
Every person has to complete the mandatory Covid Questionnaire before entering the building. The link to the mandatory questionnaire is:

Every person must follow the current Covid rules including social distancing. The wearing of masks is recommended. Masks will be provided.
Every person must provide contact details for the purposes of Covid contact tracing.
Constellate Films is a Canadian independent film production company committed to celebrating dreamers through telling original horror, drama, and fantasy stories.