Mr. Broadbent, a developer and builder, has invited prospective buyers to spend time in “THE HOUSE OF THE FUTURE”, in the hopes that the “spirit of the house” will close the deal.

He has pulled out all the stops. The house is totally ready for a party, he’s hired a gourmet chef to prepare a gourmet dinner, and he has even bribed two members of his staff, Casey Cody and Ben Adams, to pose as a married couple, who are renting the house, so they can extol its virtues and explain how everything works.
HOWEVER…that’s the problem, nothing does.

The self-cleaning bathroom, central trash disposal units, automatic closets, hidden telephones and his masterpiece, “The Personal Ion Chamber,” all have some serious glitches.

Stir in an unexpected stranger, two prospective buyers who are definitely not made for each other, miscommunication, misunderstandings, and misbehaving.

This “Naughty but Nice” Christmas time farce will have you ho-ho-ho’ing for 9 performances from November 29 to December 15.

Add the tasty traditional Christmas Dinner provided by Jeffries available before every performance.

Special $10 Tickets available for all opening weekend performances for students of any age and adults 25 and under.

Contact the GPLT Box Office to book these special tickets.