J.P. Cormier and Dave Gunning, both individually celebrated and critically acclaimed are teaming up together for a new recording called ‘two’. The record is being produced in the most stripped down way possible with just their two guitars and their two voices and features new original songs and old gems that they’ve been digging up.

These two comrades have been playing and writing together for over 20 years including two cross Canada tours in the late 90’s when Dave was J.P.’s bass player and the 2002 Stompin’ Tom Connors tour. Over the more recent years they’ve been known to show up at one another’s shows and to share their stages together and on days off at home in Pictou County are often seen hanging out together. They have a vocal blend and ability to play the guitar together that very much parallels their brotherly bond and somehow the sum becomes greater than the parts. After all the miles and twists and turns on the road one thing is for certain, their love of travelling together and singing and playing together.

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