Butcher is a 3 time Canadian Award Winning Play by the award winning Canadian Playwright Nicolas Billon.

GPLT has earned the right to produce the WESTERN CANADA COMMUNITY THEATRE PREMIERE!

From October 26 to November 11, you will be shocked at the devastating, brutal, and TOTALLY BRILLANT new thriller. This play is a must see exploration of how society does or should deal with major war criminals. Do not be afraid of this play. It is amazing!!

Butcher is directed by Gordie Haakstad with Assistant Director Sarah Card.

Tickets to OPENING NIGHT OCTOBER 26 are FREE on a first come, first served basis thanks to the generous sponsorship of the SERVUS CREDIT UNION!!!

Jeffery’s is providing a tasty supper at 6 pm before the November 4, 10 and 11 performances. Suppers must be reserved by November 1 at 4 pm. Call the Box office at 780 538 1616 or book on line. $24.95 per person in addition to the play ticket.