James and the Giant Peach Dramatized By: Richard R. George

Open Auditions: Sunday September 15, 2019 from 1-4 pm

All ages and acting experience are welcome. You will be asked to read from scenes in the script and time permitting you may read for one or several characters of your choosing. Several of the roles can be played by either male or female such as the Narrator, the First and Second Officer and Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker.

There are also several non speaking roles of “Onlookers”, “Passengers”, “Cloudmen” and “Sharks” that will be very important in the telling this story. As part of these roles you will be our backstage crew who will help with scene changes, so if you or members of your family are interested in joining in the fun, please let us know at the audition.

Call the GPLT Box Office to book an audition time. 780 538 1616. Or email a request to audition to
Loaner scripts are available for a $5 deposit refunded when you bring the script back.

Play Synopsis:
After the death of his parents, James is sent to live with his two aunts who take advantage of the situation and have James do all the chores around the house so they can do nothing. James has no confidence and no friends. When a strange man gives him a magic crocodile tongues to change his fortune, James is so excited he runs home to ingest them. On his way he trips spilling the contents of the bag next to an old peach tree. The potion works its magic on the tree creating a giant peach. Due to circumstances outside of James’ control, he is whisked away on an adventure on the giant peach, with a few new friends who need his help just as much as he needs theirs.
Cast: 7 Females / 6 Males / 7 – 12 extras

James Henry Trotter:
An orphaned boy who wants nothing more than to have friends and be happy. Though something of a dreamer, James is clever, kind-hearted, innocent, and ever-resourceful throughout his adventure in the giant peach, and his intuitive plans save his friends’ lives on each occasion.
The Old Man:
A friendly yet mysterious individual, who initiates James’ adventure.
Aunt Spiker:
A dominating, cruel, malicious, and thoroughly repulsive woman; possibly the older of James’ aunts. Spiker is described as tall and thin – almost emaciated – with steel glasses, and her speech produces spit whenever she gets angry or excited. James never hears her or her sister Sponge laugh, and they never call him by his name, but always refer to him as insults such as “you nasty little beast” or “you miserable creature”. She seems to be the smarter of the aunts.
Aunt Sponge:
Spiker’s sister: a greedy, selfish, and morbidly obese woman, and equally as cruel and repulsive as Spiker, but seems to be less smart, she had flabby eyes, she was very fat and very short.
The Centipede:
A male centipede, depicted as a boisterous rascal with a good heart, and perhaps James’ closest friend in the peach. He is generally optimistic and even brave, but outspoken and rash. His sources of pride are his “100 legs”, even though he has only 42, and his ancestral status of garden pest. He often asks for help with putting on his many boots, or taking them off, or shining them.
The Earthworm:
A male earthworm who often quarrels with the Centipede, and is frequently the most pessimistic of the protagonists, though on amicable terms with nearly all.
The Old Green Grasshopper:
A male grasshopper, who (as the eldest) assumes an almost paternal role to James and the others. He is an accomplished musician.
The Ladybug:
A kind, motherly female ladybug who takes care of James.
Miss Spider:
A good-natured female spider who takes care of James. Friendly and decent in manner.
The Glowworm:
A female glowworm, who quietly hangs from the ceiling at the center of the giant peach and provides lighting for the interior..
The Silkworm: A female Silkworm, who assists Miss Spider in the production of thread, both before and after the adventure. She is never seen to speak.

James’ mother who dies a tragic death at the beginning of the play.

James’s father who dies a tragic death at the beginning of the play.

A Captain who spots the flying peach and is hauled away by his officers who claim he has gone mad.

First Officer:
Takes over the captain duties after he believes the Captain has gone mad.

Second Officer:
Aids the First Officer in reliving the Captain of his duties when he is believed to be ill.